Typical Electronic Health Record Use in Primary Care Practices and the Quality of Diabetes Care: don’t count your chickens

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Many who advocate the expanded use of health IT appear to believe that health IT itself will catalyze improvements in care.


While there may be a few narrow instances where this is the case, we believe that most current health IT systems have a long way to go before they encompass the functionality that would support robust ongoing improvement of care.


Additionally, the success of health IT-enabled improvement depends critically on the skills of clinical and administrative staff in primary care settings to understand and use solid improvement methods—methods that need not rely solely on health IT to be effective. (Langley 2007)


From the Annals of Family Medicine May/June 2012:

In this longitudinal observational study of primary care practices, we found that practices using an EHR for a 3-year period had a poorer quality of diabetes care at baseline, did not make more rapid quality improvements than practices using paper records, and had a poorer quality of diabetes care at the 2-year follow-up. via www.annfammed.org

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