Share, connect and learn: help shape a new network for patient safety

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The Health Foundation wants to play a strong role in the new landscape supporting work to improve patient safety.


Working to improve patient safety is a major strategic priority for the Health Foundation. A big part of our role is to link up the great work and knowledge that’s being developed by people across the UK, and share international best practice. That’s why we’re investing in a new patient safety initiative which is due to be launched later this year.


Developing our support for patient safety
The national infrastructures that underpin patient safety across the UK are changing and new ways of supporting work are developing, such as local and regional networks and alliances. The Health Foundation wants to play a strong role in the new landscape supporting work to improve patient safety. We want to help connect frontline staff with the best knowledge, experts and each other.

Building on the success of the Safer Patients Network

The Safer Patients Network was launched in 2009, which followed the successful Safer Patients Initiative (SPI). It was made up of former participants of the SPI programme and its objective was to increase the scale and pace of change in eliminating patient harm, and network members continued to make improvements in their organisations and maintain a focus on patient safety.


A selection of teams formed an innovation collaborative generating new ideas and solutions and many other teams formed a virtual collaborative, mentoring teams in improvements relating to pressure sores and peripheral venous cannulation. The network continued until early 2012.


Plans for the new network

We believe the time is right to try something different to support staff right across the health service. The Health Foundation will be working with its partner, the BMJ, over the coming months to create a resource for safety minded individuals and teams to share, connect and learn about patient safety. Over the next few months, we’ll be finding out from people what they would most value from this open access resource. Membership will be open to anybody with an interest in improving patient safety.


As Jane Jones, Assistant Director at the Health Foundation, explains:


‘Our aim is to develop a vibrant and active community. We want to build connections between local patient safety teams and networks to share good practice, ideas, enthusiasm and innovation. Similarly, we want to make available a wide range of network resources for safety minded leaders and practitioners across the UK, helping them to make sense of the information available about patient safety.’


The design of the new network will start shortly. We expect it will contain interactive resources as well as videos and blogs. It will enable safety minded professionals to share their work and ideas, as well as highlighting best practice and the work of local teams.


Your opportunity to get involved

Our plans are still in development and will be informed by your views and input as we continue to consult with stakeholders. If you would like to get involved with helping us to shape the new network or contribute in any way please contact us at

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