Patient self-management is great, but is a “have browser, will heal” strategy really a good idea?

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People have deep emotional concerns with psychosomatic implications that cannot be resolved by asking Dr. Google.

There is such a thing as having too much information

Experienced physicians though, will tell you that in general, patients who are better educated and and take the time to search for informaton before the visit to the doctor are usually the most “nervous”, the most hypochondriac and the most who are constantly polling physicians for medical advice.

The problem with asking Dr. Google is that the information is based on fragments of data from patients, doctors and caregivers that is posted in forums and social media on the Internet.

When a person has fragmented and partial information about something, he will tend to make the wrong interpretation about symptoms, illness ,pains,etc.

He will imagine things, simulate bad things happening. Wrong interpretations lead to hightened concerns not to better health.

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