27% of India’s doctors exist only on paper

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Around 27% of India’s registered doctors and almost 63% nurses aren’t active anymore.

Union health ministry’s presentation to the Consultative Committee, which included several MPs, admitted to some worrying trends in human resources in health.


According to joint secretary in the ministry Dr Vishwas Mehta’s presentation, the Medical Council of India (MCI) has 7.5 lakh doctors registered under it.


However, Union health ministry’s scrutiny has found that two lakh of the registered doctors aren’t working anymore. Of the 10.7 lakh nurses registered, six lakh don’t exist.


At present, there is only one doctor for every 2,000 population. The target is to have one doctor for every 1,000 population.


While the international nurse to doctor ratio is 3:1, India’s count stands at 1.5:1.


Besides, the number of female allopathic doctors (medical graduates with a bachelor’s or postgraduate specialist diploma or degree registered with the Indian Medical Council) is abysmally low.

Only 17% of all allopathic doctors and 6% of allopathic doctors in rural areas are women. There is less than one female allopathic doctor per 10,000 population in rural areas (0.5), whereas it is 6.5 in urban areas.

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