The Power of Health Care Social Media

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ng about the Web, Mobile Stratosphere and Social Media is that no-one owns them and no one ever will. Health Care Social Media, or “#hcsm,” as it is known on Twitter, combines the different Healthcare Social Media Web/Mobile “platforms” and devices such as Twitter, Facebook, Portal Websites, Blogging, Applications, YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Smartphones and Webinars with often instantaneous global connectivity and growing virtual communities made possible by the Web and Mobile technological environments.


The constant emergence of new platforms and devices and an increase in the global use of these technological environments for healthcare purposes makes the potential of hcsm limitless. Moreover, hcsm will always be defined, refined and influenced by the patients, healthcare professionals, medical school students, teachers, executives and attorneys who use it. In that way, hcsm will forever remain an ever-changing medium of valuable virtual communities, different usages and individual expression.


This makes hcsm both an effective Tool and an invaluable Resource for the diverse healthcare industry end-user. But much like pre-Game Batting Practice in Major League Baseball, hcsm end-users have different needs and go about servicing them in different ways.

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