7 mobile myths in #pharma

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1. Users are always rushed and distracted. Mobile isn’t just on the go. It’s also on the couch.


2. Mobile should be “less.” It’s a myth that mobile sites should be more bare-bones than their desktop counterparts so don’t limit functionality because of screen size.


3. Complexity is a dirty word. People don’t want dumbed-down applications. They want “uncomplicated” applications.


4. Extra tabs and clicks are evil. When an Internet page took 45 seconds to load this made sense but with 4G speeds all but eliminating that concern, it’s alright to broaden the experience.


5. You’ve got to have a mobile website. Design something that will look good on any platform and don’t have separate mobile sites because there’s no such thing as a “mobile Web”


6. Mobile is about apps. It’s not. An app is not a strategy. … It’s just an app. ” Users “expect the content to flow and be wherever we are


7. CMS and API are for database nerds. Content design – the way it appears on a doctor’s desktop computer, or on his or her smartphone – is affected nowadays by back-end folks, and the filters and parameters they devise, to a degree it wasn’t before. Content itself is what’s being repurposed, not just design, so it’s key for designers to know how it all works together.

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