Healthcare ‘must adapt to new technologies’

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E-health is the emerging practice in public health and IT the heart of day-to-day business, but the healthcare industry needs to change with technological advances, said an expert.


“Over the last ten years technology has improved patient safety through, housing information, allowing access to information, acquiring information, monitoring information and supporting the prevention of errors,” said Zaid Daoud Al Siksek, CEO, Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD).


However, agreeing that technology has advanced significantly over the last decade especially with mobile technology, Siksek reconfirmed that regulators globally had a common problem, not losing sight of the three critical issues – access, cost and quality.


“Healthcare stakeholders should adopt a role to ensure information technology drives improved quality, access and affordability in healthcare,” he added.


Siksek also put forward his recommendations moving forward, highlighting key elements such as research and education, leadership, transparency, realism and levels of governance that enable innovation rather than stifle it.


However, Siksek had one clear piece of advice regarding the issue of ‘Big Data’ the huge amounts of information already collected and stored.


“Make sure your analytical capability is as good as the information technology itself, because there’s no point otherwise if you can’t make sense of it or deliver change based upon it,” he added.

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