Digital signage can do what?

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Think digital signage is nothing more than a large flat screen monitor on steroids? Think again. Healthcare facilities are tapping into the potential of digital signs as a way to enhance the patient experience.


From the moment visitors step into your lobby to the time of discharge, these electronic displays can improve patient satisfaction in small, yet powerful, ways. Don’t think of digital signage as just a technology — think of it as a way to engage patients and families on a visual and emotional level.


Consider these five ideas:


Customize your content. Waiting areas in pharmacies, healthcare institutions and physician practices are using digital signage to convey a high-interest, highly effective controlled message. And, they’re beginning to tailor those messages to their patient demographics. For example, a clinic that caters to a geriatric population can engage and educate its patients with videos on topics such as osteoporosis prevention, while an OB/GYN practice can present tips about pregnancy screenings and infant care. Informed patients are better prepared to pose intelligent questions during a doctor visit — and leave with the right answers.

Direct guests to their destination. Way-finding, as an application, isn’t brand new — but it is finding its way into more healthcare facilities. Spare your patients the frustration of being lost or late for appointments by using digital signs to give them step-by-step walking directions. Some healthcare lobbies have touchscreen kiosks from which visitors can print directions or a map. Others even offer 3D depictions of facility layouts, detailed floor plans, and realistic images of hallways and routes. Either way, leverage digital signage to put your patients on the right path to better care.

Relieve boredom at the bedside. Happy patients are engaged, educated and inspired — even while spending time in a hospital bed. Improve inpatient stays by posting digital signage in rooms and offering content beyond traditional TV channels. Staff can program and control messaging from a centralized media player, and pipe into each patient’s room health and wellness videos, real-life success stories, motivational messages and even content that a patient can request on command. Some facilities have signage that allows patients to order from meal menus, download a schedule of daily activities, or chat live with friends and family right from the comfort of their rooms.

Alleviate anxiety in waiting areas. Visitor lounges in surgical suites or the emergency department are often a bundle of nerves. Loved ones are anxious for the current status of patients undergoing treatments or procedures. They want answers — and they want them now. One remedy is to post large-screen digital signs in these waiting rooms to communicate up-to-the-minute progress of patients who are identified by a secure, private code known only to the visitor. 

Cut time in lines. One resounding patient complaint is the length of time they spend waiting — checking in, completing lengthy forms, waiting for their names to be called. Rather than hand them a clipboard and collect their insurance cards, expedite the process by referring patients to interactive self-serve kiosks instead. As part of this solution, digital signage provides an intuitive display that helps patients register themselves, update their profiles and even schedule future visits. Aside from expediting the process for the patient, it frees up valuable time for staff to handle other matters.


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