Patient-Centered Mobile Apps for Chronic Illness

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“Patient-centeredness”….will involve some radical, unfamiliar, and disruptive shifts in control and power, out of the hands of those who give care and into the hands of those who receive it.” – Don Berwick, Former Administrator of CMS.


There are a ton of health-related mobile apps on the market and in development. Some of them engage patients without involving doctors and some are aimed at doctors and not at patients. In order to be considered an app that supports the patient-centered medical home, I believe that it is crucial that the app strengthen the connection between the patient and the doctor and/or the care team.


Optimally, patient-centered mobile apps should have a number of functions:


• Provide evidence-based information about the clinical condition to the patient (or caregiver)

• Collect self-reported data from the patient (or caregiver)

• Have tracking, reminder, and “nudging” functions

• Be customizable

• Have a mechanism to easily provide actionable self-reported data to the doctor (preferably via integration into the EHR)

• Be low-cost or free

• Work on a variety of mobile devices

• Have significant offline functionality so it can accessed anytime, anyplace – even if wireless is not available

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