HIMSS – News: Sustainability Checkpoint: Do You Have a Mobile Strategy?

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iPads, iPhones, tablets, Android, and mHealth. These words all feel “modern” and make us think that if we simply come up with the right “mobility strategy” and put all of our applications into mobile devices we’d have more seamless workflows in healthcare. Of course we know better; in fact, saying that once you put an app on a mobile device you get mobile workflow would be like saying in the year 2000 that you need a “laptop strategy” and by putting apps on your laptop you would have mobile workflow.


Some devices can certainly create be more mobile than others, but liquid and portable data along with user-centered design and well thought out workflows create real mobility. Most IT professionals in healthcare are considering their mobile strategies but they’re starting at the wrong places – they think that by choosing the right devices and building mobile apps that users will be happier. That’s only half the story; you have to start at the right place – specifically, with user centered design that creates an appropriate list of all your user types (formally called “personas”), what workflows need to be mobile and which workflows need to extend to specific devices, figuring out what their level of mobility needs to be, and documenting what their connectivity capabilities and expenses will be.

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