E-Prescribing Adoption: A Prescription for Progress

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Think about the last time you were prescribed a medication. Did your doctor fill out a prescription on a paper pad and instruct you to get the medication filled at your local pharmacy? If not, chances are that he or she electronically routed the prescription to your pharmacy. This process—called electronic prescribing or “e-prescribing”—is helping prescribers and pharmacists make better clinical decisions, improve workflow, reduce costs, and ultimately enhance patient care.


E-prescribing Adoption: Where We Are Today

The nation has witnessed a significant increase in e-prescribing adoption over the last several years. Surescripts, which operates the largest electronic prescribing network in the country, shows data from February 2012 that indicate approximately 401,000 prescribers are on its network. This is an increase in e-prescribing adoption of more than 400 percent since December 2008. Additionally, more than 92 percent of retail pharmacies are actively e-prescribing, representing a 20 percent point increase from December 2008

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