Mobile Devices Redefine Healthcare 

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Thomas Fuller, the 17th Century clergyman and author, wrote “Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse.”


While his words may have been aimed at his European contemporaries, they have a great deal to teach us about the rapid adoption of mobile technology in the healthcare industry. For while travel may indeed amplify the characteristics, good and bad, of the traveler, the change to mobile computing will almost certainly have the same effect on the way in which we deal with the problems of data security, privacy, and a compliance.


Mobile computing is beginning to change the way everyone, especially the healthcare industry, interacts with information. From laptops to smart phones to tablets, the capability to take significant computing power and storage with us means that data is on hand and on tap almost anywhere on the planet at a moment’s notice. Instead of waiting hours or days to access files now records, images, and analysis can be created, accessed and shared with around the globe, effectively instantly.


The benefits are immense. The healthcare industry is, in many ways, the ultimate knowledge industry which explains both the extensive training required for its practitioners and also its heavy reliance on information technology. Yet the information itself can often be difficult to manage.

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