Physicians and social media: Follow the money

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Physicians would not be well advised to use social media to connect with patients, said family physician Dike Drummond in a recent commentary posted to–one of the top social media sites for doctors.


His view is evidently similar to that of the majority of his colleagues: while 84 percent of physicians use social media for personal reasons and 67 percent for professional purposes, few of them communicate with patients on Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites.
Some experts say that physicians are reluctant to use Facebook or Twitter for patient contact because of privacy or malpractice issues–and that’s undoubtedly true in many cases.


But Drummond observed that physicians are not paid for going on social media sites with patients unless they have concierge practices. Furthermore, he pointed out, studies show that a third of physicians feel burned out on any given work day.


So the extra time and effort required to interact with patients on social media might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, he argued.


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