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Physicians are always seeking means to provide better care for their patients. Can an EMR actually help you do that? Yes, but I must offer one caveat. Unfortunately, EMR systems that fail to clear the efficiency hurdle sacrifice quality patient care as well as productivity. If you’re taking shortcuts just to get through the day because you EMR slows you down so much, then you’re probably not serving your patients as well as you would like. However, a well-designed user interface that allows you to work with efficiency can pave the way for better patient care because of the incredible information processing power of a computerized record system.


Access to information: Have you ever been forced to make a clinical decision without having access to patient data that might have made a difference in that decision? In a world where information is king, the ability to access clinical data electronically is a fantastic advantage. Electronic data is instantly accessible and is never lost or filed incorrectly.

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