Doctors’ love-hate relationship with EHRs

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As with anything new, most physicians go into implementation of an electronic health record system with certain expectations. Sometimes those expectations are exceeded, sometimes they are not met — for better or worse.


Many likes and dislikes about EHRs are consistent in the physician community. Implementation will, no doubt, change a practice. But knowing what to expect will help determine how physicians handle the changes.


There are some changes with EHR implementation that physicians dislike but learn to live with. There are others that force the physicians to switch vendors altogether. Knowing the pain points, as well as the things physicians really like about EHRs, doctors still in the market may have a better idea of what to look for — or at least a better idea of what to expect.


“The computer is always a good and a bad story if you ask me,” said Dean F. Sittig, PhD, professor of biomedic informatics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Biomedical Informatics. “It’s a hugely important new tool for your clinic, and you have got to learn to use it. It’s not a simple thing. It’s not like a new kind of stethoscope. It’s a whole new way of doing something.”

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