Six Steps to Boost Productivity by 30 Percent at Your Medical Practice

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What if your current staff could actually get all of their work done, you could see 30 percent more patients, or you could get home in time for dinner? How happy would patients be if wait time decreased?


The rule of thumb is that 30 percent of the activity in any type of office is wasted. My experience is that the percentage is even higher in a medical office. The more useless labor you can eliminate, the bigger the increase in productivity and the fewer mistakes. A careful review of some or all of the processes in a medical office can generally be expected to yield productivity gains of at least 30 percent in the areas addressed.


All work, productive and non-productive, is part of a process. Identifying and eliminating the wasted work in a particular process is a project with specific steps. Staff, even those not directly involved in the process, must be included in the project. Their knowledge of what is really happening is invaluable, and their buy-in promotes sustained change.

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