Emerging technologies in Patient Monitoring Systems

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Future of patient monitoring is clearly based on IT integration, data access and capture from across hospitals and remote access from any point within the hospital or across globe. Protocol based standardised charting solutions saving on time and effort of care giver, recording the information flawlessly for future access and meaningful interpretation for clinical as well as costs evaluations.


Today’s technologies talk about information access at bedside bringing together Vital signs, Information from HIS/CIS, Laboratory results, Radiology images, etc at Acute Point of Care to accelerates clinical decision-making, improve care delivery and facilitate consultation between clinicians at the bedside including industry’s best technologies.


Patient monitors should be standardised, scalable and mobile across all care units. This enables flexibility in staff utilisation, reduces training time. Scalability of patient monitors accommodate all acuity levels and patient types within and across departments, upgrades and expands with ease, supports the sharing of assets, helps build a tailored solution as the demands grow – smoothly and without redundancy.


Standardisation, scalability and mobility also saves time preparing patients for transport and for their return, monitoring same parameters in transit as at the bedside, optimises staff and equipment utilization. This increases patient safety and productivity.


Patient monitors should have device Integration to consolidate monitoring and therapy information for a better view of patient’s care state at a single point, providing a more complete view of decision-relevant patient data, supporting rapid treatment and generates more comprehensive chart-ready documents, automatically.


They should be IT enabled and open a pathway between patient monitoring and hospital IT systems which delivers highest performance, builds on existing, non-proprietary hospital infrastructure, offers literally infinite connectivity through open architectural design, connects effortlessly across multiple sites and finally allows system growth through a partnership between hospital IT department and Medical equipment supplier’s professional Services.

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