symtym: EHR Adoption a Power Law?

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The graphs from the article (infra) would seem to suggest that EHR adoption (either basic or full) is a linear (proportionate) process, where the scaling factor is “α”:


But, as with most endeavors—wonder if it is more than a proportionality? The article further suggests that physician payments may suffice—more money (more “α”) and more adoption in a linear manner. If adoption has a power law (non–linear) relationship with time; then what are the factors that affect “κ”? Utility? Ubiquity? Both carry significant inertia (beyond a critical adoption level) that is most likely non–linear.


Abstract. [M]ore than half of all office–based physicians were using electronic health record systems, but only about one–third of those physicians had systems with basic features such as the abilities to record information on patient demographics, view laboratory and imaging results, maintain problem lists, compile clinical notes, or manage computerized prescription ordering.…[A]doption of electronic health record systems across geographic regions converged from 2002 through 2011, adoption continued to lag for non–primary care specialists, physicians age fifty–five and older, and physicians in small (1–2 providers) and physician-owned practices.…

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