Social media, mHealth strategies should include seniors

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The mHealth community, despite its obvious love of at-home monitoring for those with chronic conditions, is missing a major opportunity to create apps for seniors, according to Eric Dishman, who complained about the problem at length to Forbes magazine in a recent interview.


“No one is building apps for seniors,” Dishman said. “Look at the number of seniors and disposable income. We don’t like to think about getting old.” He added that such trends could very soon translate into a generation of older Americans hungry for mobile apps, software, devices to keep them from feeling old.


Social networking making inroads with seniors: Once considered too complicated for seniors, social networks are evolving quickly into micro-networks, or bounded communities that seniors are learning to navigate, according to Dishman. Combining it with easy-to-use tablet technology, he said, is appealing more and more to senior consumers.

“Your mom can wake up with a simple-to-use touch tablet, look at the screen to check the weather; the device asks how she’s doing, reminds her to take medication,” Dishman said. “A caregiver or nurse is alerted to needs, since they’re on the social network.”


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