Switching EMR and EHR – What are the reasons behind

Via Scoop.ithealthcare technology

An interesting fact that early adopters of EMR and EHR software are now switching vendors or service providers of for another electronic medical system.


Decision to switch from one platform of EMR and EHR to another service provider invokes almost double the pain gone through on shifting from paper-based medical system to electronic system. It is even more complicated when you have been using a XYZ electronic medical system for quite a reasonable time now and you decide to shift to another system on the pretext of wanting better capabilities.


In the switching process, all your records and patients’ information is structured and indexed with the current system and if you are using a cloud based or web based EHR, you don’t know where on earth those electronic records exist, how to retrieve them and make useable with the new electronic medical system.


Either you have to print them out all on papers and have to start over again or with the advice of the new service provider, all the records have to be transformed in convertible digital formats (XML, CCD etc.)

Via blog.sequelmed.com


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