TEDMED: How to Succeed in Healthcare | Common Sense

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Here’s the secret to succeeding in business. Ready? First, make a good product that works well and is delivered efficiently. Second, never forget how important your customers are, or you’ll lose them. Repeat.


It works for almost every industry. A lot of people think Coke tastes great. Why else drink it? Exxon refines crude oil into gasoline. It makes your car run. Sell. Repeat.


But when it comes to healthcare and its delivery, the system isn’t working nearly as well as it could, the products offered don’t provide the results you deserve, and customers – patients – don’t always receive the benefits they should. This was a theme that really stuck for me as I listened to some extremely smart and accomplished people speak this week at TEDMED.


Despite this inconsistent, often frustrating system, there’s a lot of hope and progress being made to fix it, with evidence-based medicine, the effective use of data and mutual accountability leading the way at putting patients first.


Here’s a look at what leaders of the CDC and FDA, the executive health editor at Reuters, President Obama’s chief technology officer and a cancer theoretician and mathematician had to say about improving patient health. See what I mean about extremely smart and accomplished people?

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