Social media can strengthen hospital volunteer programs

Via Scoop.ithealthcare technology

Social media can strengthen hospital volunteer programs and patient relations. Social media programs directed at volunteers can have high impact returns.


Last week I took a red-eye flight from the West Coast to the Midwest because my dad had a health emergency. When I finally got to the hospital, I was tired and worried. I was greeted by complimentary valet parking (which was a great help because my elderly mom, who uses a wheel chair, was with me) and smiling volunteers.


I was in a hurry. My dad’s surgery was in less than ½ hour and I was rushing to see him before he went in. My dad was a high-risk patient, and there was real concern that he may not survive the surgery. Like many others, the hospital had undergone many additions over the years, and the hallways were maze-like.


A smiling volunteer helped me assist my mom from the car to a wheelchair and then guided us through the maze of hallways to the surgical floor. We arrived in time to see my dad, and even show him a few videos on my phone that his grandchildren had sent to boost his spirits. The short visit put him in a more positive frame of mind and made my mom and me feel more at peace with the situation.



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