Researchers find hospital residents more efficient with smartphones than pagers

Via Scoop.ithealthcare technology

Is the day of the hospital pager coming to an end?


Well, not yet, but the use of pagers in the hospital is being challenged by new wireless technological solutions.


Since 1949, pagers have remained one of the most commonly used technologies among all hospital personnel. However, researchers in the United Kingdom are looking to change this. They recently assessed whether a new wireless system can decrease some of the efficiencies of pager systems in hospitals.


The Problem
The researchers designed their wireless system to address a problem which occurs in health systems throughout the world. The problem being that most health care personnel work during regular 9 to 5 work hours, but patients are in the hospital much longer (16 hours longer during any given day).


As a result, there is a drop in hospital services after regular work hours.




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